Maybe, you are wondering why PHERUN! 

The name of our brand PHERUN is derived from the word Perún, the ancient Slavic god of thunder and lightning. As the god of fertility, he spread the glow of the summer sun, scattering clouds and melting snow.

(source: Wikipedia) 

A wise man once said, "a nation without tradition, its own culture, and a forgotten history, is dying," and that's why we try to cherish it, even with little things that can do great things. We therefore hope, that Pherun will protect you on your travels and our socks will spice this journey for you with a feeling of dryness and cleanliness.


Our brand

PHERUN, tourist socks are design protected by Patrik Minár and were created for all people, who want to continue to enjoy walks in nature comfortably and carefree. All PHERUN socks are made in Slovakia or in the EU.  

All our socks were inspired by nature or history. The color palette we used in the production of these unique socks is based on the original photographs by Patrik Minár.

What makes our socks special?

You have certainly experienced a pebble, a twig, or an unwanted intruder getting into your shoe during a hike, mushroom picking, or even during a simple walk. That is why we have made PHERUN socks for you, which have a unique protection design.

All artistic designs of the socks come from the workshop of the Prešov artist Ivana Pančáková and Patrik Minár.